Birchville Cat Motel in Singapore

Electrodyssey 2006: Beyond The Infinite

V/VM Test Records to become a free label

how do electronic musicians perform live?

A Vision for EML

When Soulseek spoke to me

Depeche Mode new CD: Playing The Angel - available now!

The Weekly Challenge 01

Study with SAE for a day - Friday, 23rd of September 2005

Wednesdays 7.30pm Logic Audio & Soundscapes -by Victor Pang

Sat 10 Sep 10am-12n: Learn How to Arrange Your Music

New Lesson Slot

Afternoon Chill @ Forum

Build Your Own Synth

Sat 3/9: 10am-12noon: 2nd lesson: Sampling

Free Beastie Boys A Capellas

Sat 27/8 10am-12noon -1st lesson on Creating Music

Sat 20 Aug 10am-12n: 1st EML Session

Laptop, Acoustics & Noise at Substation: Hung at Dawn

Welcome Tea


Breathe! EML soundtrack for In Source Theatre

Legally Clearing Samples


More stuff to watch!

Remixing in the news / where to download music legally

Penguin Remixes

Noise Singapore Festival

And so they checked the stock...

Exco meeting (Finalised)

EML + Miele + Arts House = great gig!

Nintendo controllers as MIDI controllers

Nine Inch Nails' Hand That Feeds

rand()% - Internet Radio Bot

Make Music Using Game Engines

Just Press Play: Challenges of Performing Electronic Music in Singapore (page 2 of 9)

Autechre Interview + Last Show's Recording

The Analog Girl

Rubber Johnny

Autechre Live Radio Show


Splurged again.

Just Press Play: Challenges of Performing Electronic Music in Singapore (page 1 of 9)

random train of thoughts

Free VSTs

Interviews on 3 Pioneers of Electronic Music

Free Permanent Media Hosting

Matmos Concert Pics

Post - Celebrations

Virgin post.

Woo hoo