Minutes from an Electronic Music Lab committee meeting in 2003

Minutes courtesy of Don Shiau, EML President 2003, pictured in the photo above performing his original song "Electronic Mail" at the ElectrOdyssey 2003 concert at NUS (National University of Singapore).

From: emlpresident@yahoo.com.sg

Sat, 21 Jun 2003 at 11:57 am

Ultra condensed minutes of meeting on 20 June 2003

Dear all,

Pursuant to our meeting last night, here is an ultra-condensed, unconventionally formatted set of minutes. Salient points only.


Tutors: Ben, Jane, Kwong Wing, Victor

Exco: Don

Alumni: Allen

Members: Marcus

Time: 8pm to midnight

Venue: Ben's office

1. Syllabus

- 1st semester: holistic approach; 2nd semester: specialisation

- Ben's intro to electronic music lesson (Sat 16 Aug) will be expanded to cover Kwong Wing's and Victor's teaching areas.

- Suggested monthly get-together in SR2 for all members (Aug, Sept, Oct) with video screenings of electronic music concerts e.g. Jean Michel-Jarre

- Ben and Jane's lessons will teach music composition using an energy / time approach

- Muzys will replace Cakewalk as the the first software of instruction for the juniors

- Action: Ben to prepare lesson calendar and upload to EML site

2. Other Lessons

- E03 preparation to begin the moment term begins. Every Saturday.

- Action: Don to push exco to provide at least one new piece each for E03, to be submitted to Marcus in any format by 10 Aug

- Victor to continue conducting Logic Audio lessons. He will liaise with Kwong Wing such that both their lessons complement each other

3. Equipment

- Kwong Wing suggested an improved AEP setup that can

i) fit into a car boot

ii) be carried by one girl

iii) up 4 storeys (8 flights of stairs)

- hooray Kwong Wing!!!

- Wishlist was accordingly discussed and revised to 9 items. Sound and video recorders dropped from the list.

- Allen made several recommendations based on his vast pool of knowledge and know-how.

- Action: Don to submit revised wishlist to Tara ASAP

- Spring Cleaning set on Sat 5 July, 9am to 5pm.

- Action: Don to inform all EML members of this, and prepare them to move out of their comfort zones, pick up the gauntlet of true EML membership and accept the meaning of pain, i.e. clean up the ES

- Action: Ben and Kwong Wing to bring one vacuum cleaner each for the spring cleaning

- Action: Don to get 2-3 exco down on 2 July (Wai Keen's only free then) to measure the ES (incl. tables, racks, drums, mixers etc), and update the exco and everything, and bond with them

- Action: Don to prepare a new floorplan for ES based on the measurements

- Internal inventory taking to take place at the same time as the spring cleaning

- Action: Don to obtain inventory list from Tara / Shermeen, AND the condemned items list from Larry.

- Kwong Wing recommends the Soundscape be taken out of the condemned list

- Victor recommends all 3 current workstation PCs be condemned

- Jane recommends the DX7 be condemned because it short circuited on her once (Ben winces a little, recalling that the DX7 appears on Some Great Reward)

- Jane recommends the portasound rack currently used to hang cables be disposed of

- It is also agreed that the 3 A frames at the back of the studio be disposed of

That's about it.



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