Remixes for the 30th Anniversary of Kevin Mathews' My One and Only

In August 1993, a band called The Watchmen released their debut album Democracy, and one track from the album, "My One and Only", became a radio hit in Singapore, getting to number one on the Radio Heart Top Ten and number three on the 987FM Perfect Ten. The Democracy album sold more than 1,000 copies, and BigO readers voted for it as the Best Local Album of 1993.

For the 30th anniversary, the writer and singer of the song, Kevin Mathews, made the stems of the 1993 original available for remixing! The winner(s) of this remix competition were be featured on the upcoming release of the 30th anniversary of 'My One and Only'. 

My One and Only ( Falling Islands Remix) 

My One and Only (ACE Remix)

My One and Only (btcprox Remix)

My One and Only (Abyss Simian Synthpop Remix)

My One and Only (Abyss Simian Dub Techno Remix)

My One and Only (Original Version)

Remix rules 

  1. Create a remix of any duration
  2. Make sure you have legal rights to all sounds used in your remix
  3. Use at least one of the stems provided
  4. No limit to number of entries per person
  5. Upload your remix to YouTube or SoundCloud and send the link to Kevin by 30 June 2023 at or
  6. Kevin Mathews will pick the winner(s)
  7. The winning remix(es) will be featured on 30th anniversary release of My One and Only and the winning remixer(s) will be credited
  8. The winning remixer(s) will also receive a special gift
  9. Releasing remixes on streaming services like Spotify and download portals like iTunes and Bandcamp is copyright infringement and can result in serious legal actions from record labels and publishers, so please don't do it 

Download Links

Complete track, for your reference

Zip file with stems, split into vocals, drums, bass, and others

 Happy remixing!