Sampling the sounds of Golden Mile Complex for Ableton User Group Singapore

Tenants of Golden Mile Complex will have to vacate the premises before the building is handed over to the developers come May 2023, following a successful en bloc sale.
After being gazetted as a conserved building in October 2021, developers will have to preserve the facade and structure of the building, according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority.
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End of 'Little Thailand': Tenants to move out of Golden Mile Complex before May ...

But even though the unique facade and structure will remain, the personality and character of the place will change forever.

To commemorate this historic change, we went around Golden Mile Complex recording the sounds of the places and people there, to compile a unique sample pack to launch (and use immediately) at the Ableton User Group Singapore Meetup on Saturday 25 February.
At the time of its opening, Golden Mile Complex was one of the first large scale mixed-use developments in Singapore that integrates commercial, recreational and residential uses in a single building, reflecting a visionary idea to create a livable and compact urban development. › Master-Plan
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