EML Features: VYLLAINOUS by VYLT (darksynth, synthwave, dark synthpop)

VYLT is a darksynth / retro synthwave artist, DJ at Goth parties, and also a member of the NUS Electronic Music Lab. We caught up with VYLT to find out more about the latest release VYLLAINOUS.

What is the story behind your new release? Why did you create it and what is it about?

My latest release, "VYLLAINOUS", was made as part of a collaborative Halloween synthwave compilation album called "SYNTHS WITHOUT BORDERS Vol. 1", which released on 28th October. The album was made to raise money for charity, where 100% of proceeds collected on Bandcamp would go straight to Doctors Without Borders. The track itself is a horrorsynth metal instrumental, meant to capture a vintage 60's horror movie vibe in a high-energy, aggressive fashion with metal guitars and thumpy kicks. I really wanted to capture the feeling of epic villainy and evil in a song since Halloween was coming up!

What is your musical story (briefly) that brought you to create your new release?

Though I've been producing for around six years as a hobby, I started professionally doing music just this year with the debut of my artist alias "VYLT". I developed a sort of stage persona for it, which was this purple-themed witch, and I wanted my music to kind of reflect that witchy occult-ness as well by including spooky Halloween themes in my song. But I also have a long-time love for retro synthwave, darksynth and especially synth metal, so now my style is aimed at this union of those genres with horror elements, and you can see that most clearly in "VYLLAINOUS". If you've ever heard of Dance With The Dead, they're my number one inspiration!

What did you use to make this: software, hardware, devices? 

My DAW of choice is FL Studios 20. Out of the whole song, most of it was digitally made but two elements are authentic instruments: The electric guitar and the violin. I played the electric guitar parts while the violin parts were commissioned from M DRAKO, a very talented local metal/rock violinist! Shoutout to the NUS Electronic Music Lab as well for loaning me their Focusrite audio interface so I could record my shreds :)

What was the most challenging part of this release? And the most fun? 

Personally, I think the most challenging part was the time frame. This was the first time I had to fully produce a song under a deadline, which was a new experience for me. It was a little stressful but definitely helpful, though I do feel like I could've done a better job if I had more time. As for the most fun part, definitely the electric guitar recording. This was my first ever song featuring my own guitar playing, and it felt amazing! The real deal sounds so much better than the free MIDI guitar soundfonts I've been struggling with for my whole producing life!

Where can we find it, all the links? 

You can find all the platforms that "VYLLAINOUS" is available on through this single handy link! 


Additionally, if you'd like to check out the full "SYNTHS WITHOUT BORDERS Vol. 1" album and maybe donate some money to charity, you can find the Bandcamp link here!