Side-Line launches 2nd Ukrainian charity alternative electronic music compilation series: "Electronic Resistance - Reconstruction"

If you want to support the people of Ukraine through the alternative electronic music / darkwave / post-punk music from the Ukrainian underground scene, here's a way to do it.

Side-Line presents you: "Electronic Resistance - Reconstruction", a follow-up to our previous 55-track strong free download compilation "Electronic Resistance" which was released earlier this year. You can download the new release here from Bandcamp.

Compiler Bernard Van Isacker from Side-Line Magazine explains: "The title of this new volume clearly indicates what the concept is, it's all about reconstruction, reconstruction of people's lives, but also reconstruction of a nation which is still being brutalized by Russian aggression." 

The release holds again more than 50 darkwave / post-punk acts from the Ukrainian underground scene only including a lot of new names. 

Bernard: "We again were confronted with difficult conditions to get hold of the necessary files as some disks were in occupied territories, other files were lost and so we sometimes worked with very raw source material to reconstruct the tracks. Many track titles again refer to the current situation."

The compilation features artists from allover Ukraine and just like the first time we again had the honor to have music from musicians active on the frontline, from soldiers to medics, and from people who continue to help out where possible. Heroes.

The war is still far from being over and what the Russians started on February 24th 2022 already has had a huge impact on all of our lives, but way more on those of the Ukrainian people.

 As a bonus you also get 4 remixes of the Iwan Lovynsky & KingSMarine track "Ukraina" by Aesthetische, Cubic, Acylum and Kant Kino.

 All donations this time will go to United24, a global initiative to support Ukraine. 

Contact Bernard Van Isacker, Chief Editor, Side-Line Magazine