EML features: the prom queen +luvlxckdown by saranghae

Starting a new series of stories featuring new releases by EML members (artists who are part of the NUS Electronic Music Lab) with this eclectic crazy track by saranghae, also known as Andrew. He's only with NUS on exchange for one semester but has shared tons of his music with us!

What is the story behind your new release? Why did you create it and what is it about?

There isn’t some grand story haha, I tend to keep it simple w my music and I don’t put a lot of thought into purpose and that sorta stuff. I was bored n I was talking to a friend at night on discord, I started making a beat for fun and we both liked it and made up some garbage lyrics to sing on it. The song is really just two guys having fun

What is your musical story (briefly) that brought you to create your new release?

I'm not too sure how to answer this question lol, I started with this nice piano melody and slowly just layered things like drums bass etc until me and my friend felt it was time to sing on it. 

What did you use to make this: software, hardware, devices? 

Unlike other music people I actually don’t have anything except my laptop. I make enough money from my music buy small to medium sized things but im too poor to buy any of the expensive music stuff. when I got my headphones for my birthday from my parents they told me I wouldn’t get another present for 3 years or so :(. I use Logic Pro x, it came in some discount bundle that apple has. 

What was the most challenging part of this release? And the most fun? 

Honestly there wasn’t anything crazy challenging - I try to make music organically and not force things so the process flowed well. The most fun part was having my friend hop on the song, he’s actually quite popular but he’s been struggling to make stuff recently so it was good to see him make something again for once.

Where can we find it, all the links? 

Its on all platforms but tbh I don’t really upkeep anything but my Spotify and Soundcloud lol.