Vocaloop DIY electronic music instrument - workshop by Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega (Japan)

We were very happy to host COBALT BOMB ALPHA OMEGA (innovative multi media collective from Japan) for an exclusive session and master class for EML on 31 August 2018. The topics they presented were:

1. making DIY electronic music instrument
-. Vocaloop 88, Japanese vocal loop sequencer by KAGAMI Shota from VOCALOOP
2. design
- design / VJ by Kakka from NC Empire http://ncempire.net/
- designer in game industry / Doujinshi artist by raipanda
3.idea behind Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega

Video recording
Part 1: Intro

Part 2: Demo

Part 3: Wrap Up


Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega is a Tokyo-based multimedia performance collective made up of various geeks and nerds.
Since 2006, they have performed at DENPA!!!, the legendary music event in the late 2000’s; in Tokyo/Osaka; MOGRA, the most popular club in Akihabara, Tokyo; Maker Faire Tokyo/Taipei/Singapore/Shenzhen; Mixed Bathing World, an international contemporary art triennial in Beppu, Oita; Japan Expo in Paris; festivals at seven universities including Arts Loud Out, National University of Singapore, 2017.