Instrumentation - How to make beats and basslines for electronic music and EDM

Some of our friends who started out with conventional classical music training (e.g. piano classes) gave us feedback that they're not familiar with how to make beats and basslines. Since beats and basslines are the backbone of most popular music, forming the rhythm section of pop and rock and  EDM, it's important to learn how to create them. Fortunately there are ample resources online, and this is a selection of them.

10 Common Bassline  Patterns in EDM - patterns that you can instantly apply in Ableton Live

Low End Theory - Exploring 8 Bassline Styles - more in depth, with examples from classic songs

Dissecting Five Future House Beats - more patterns that you can instantly apply in Ableton, and with a free download (very useful)

Drum Patterns for Electronic Dance Music - many different patterns for different genres

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