EML Special Term 2018 - Restart

Welcome back to EML for Special Term 2018 (a.k.a. as 'Summer Term' even though Singapore is tropical and doesn't have seasons)! What you need to do to prepare for the first session 10 am on Saturday 26 May 2018:
  1. Before you come, install or upgrade to Ableton Live 10 if you haven't already done so. If you are not ready to spend yet, download the trial version which can save for 30 days. Do not use cracked versions / pirated versions - that is morally equivalent to learning music on a stolen guitar or piano, and also exposes your computer (and your precious music or schoolwork) to malware.
  2. Do not delete or remove Ableton Live 9 if you were using it before. You may still need it to retrieve some older Projects of yours; I'll explain more during the session.
  3. We will work on two things
    1. Your own work: Some of you set a goal last week to compose new songs this semester, so start on something before you come (i.e. by Friday night)- whether it's a beat, loop, melody, chord progression, fragment of a musical idea, set of samples that you want to use - and choose that as your starting point. Email me the WAV file of what you have chosen, if possible. 
    2. Soundscape: Use your phone to record at least 5 sounds around you (e.g. school, neighborhood), that capture the mood of your environment e.g. people chatting at canteen or coffee shop, lift lobby, etc. If you're stuck you can download my set of sounds from Melbourne https://soundcloud.com/benjaminangck
  4. Definitely bring your laptop on Saturday morning.
  5. Please be there by 10 am to meet each other and get to know each other, as we may have some new faces, some old faces who are returning. Please also get Skype or Google Hangout ready.
  6. The session on Saturday 26 May will be conducted by Principal Tutor Ben Ang via Skype from Munich at 11 am Singapore time / 5 am Munich time. 
See you on Saturday!