Electroacoustic music performances from ICMC 2003 - 30 September

This is the first set (in two video clips) of the electroacoustic music performances that were presented at ICMC 2003, 30th September 2003, University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore. The ICMC is the preeminent annual gathering for computer music practitioners from around the world and its unique interweaving of professional paper presentations and concerts of new computer music, refereed by ICMA- approved international panels, creates a vital synthesis of science, technology and the art of music. EML was the official videographer of the event. 

Fringe: Jump to https://youtu.be/XNwt-DPw5uM?t=28m41s

Approximate playing time : 85 min
Composer / Title ; Duration (min)
Naotoshi Osaka / Chiekagami : 15
Andreas Mahling / Temple Days : 12
Anne LeBaron / Inner Voice : 7
Matthew Adkins / Symbiont : 9
Matthew Burtner / S-morphe-S : 6
Pierre Alain Jaffrennou / Study for Pipa : 12
Heinrich Taube / Aeolian Harp : 24