Good weekend for fresh electronic music in Singapore from Mitch Advent and Brannlum

It's a great weekend (22 - 23 July 2017) to catch fresh electronic music in Singapore! Electronic musicians (and EML Alumni) Mitch Advent and Brannlum are performing live and have released new music.
You can catch Mitch Advent 'live' on Sunday 23 July at 5 - 6 pm (go early at 4pm to catch Brannlum) as part of the 100 Bands Festival at Bedok Town Secondary School - more details at this link
Mitch also released a whole new EP of songs, 80's Magic "influenced by the 80s Synthwave movement ... an analog electronic sound that predates EDM." You can stream it on Spotify, buy it on all major platforms like iTunes, or buy it direct from Mitch at BandCamp (link below)

Brannlum also released a new electronic pop song - Memories featuring Charlene - and he'll also be performing at the 100 Bands Festival, right before Mitch. Here's the song -

And here's the 'programme' from 100 Bands (website
Brannlum also got featured in JUICE magazine! Here's the article -
Brannlum - photo from JUICE magazine

So check out the fresh electronic music from Mitch Advent and Brannlum this weekend and let us know what you think in the comments!