Music, Video, Mashups and Manga Painting - The Hyper Visual Story of Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega and Ai Madonna

LIfe size format live manga painting, digital visual effects, mashups of music videos that span Bollywood, J-Pop, Disco, Eastern European rap, Euro-dance and classic rave.  A show by Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega and Ai*Madonna is a mesmerizing and eclectic visual and sonic experience. Just before their show at NUS Arts Out Loud on Friday 10 March 7.30 pm - 10 pm, we caught up with them to find out more about their unique collaboration.

We are looking forward to seeing you perform in Singapore again! What did you enjoy most about your last show here in 2014?
Alpha: That was interesting and I really enjoyed first performance in  Singapore, actually that was the first show outside Japan. The music created by EML sounds directly influenced by global music scene compared to Japan and Indonesian club music which have strong local flavor.
Kappa: I went to HackerspaceSG before our performance and met SG otaku. I realized otaku have same culture everywhere in the world because they enjoyed to watch Anime on YouTube with large screen as same as us, otaku in Japan.
Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega performing in Singapore in 2014
This time, you are performing with Ai Madonna. How did you start collaborating with her?
Alpha: In 2007, I met Mr. ENDO Ichiro sleeping on the floor, when I did some audio editing work and DJ mix for Ms. OKADA Yoko's, art project at her house, actually her husband is Mr. AIDA Makoto. That time, he helped the project by Mr. ENDO and his friends who were Mr.AIDA’s pupils.
After Mr. ENDO woke up, he realised I am a DJ. He asked me to join his project called Ai Madonna, street live painting in Akihabara by Ms. KATO Ai.
He produced Ai Madonna Live painting project which was held just in front of Akihabara Station.

Kappa: Alpha asked me to join the project as a VJ.
That video looks exciting! What interesting experience have you had while performing with Ai*Madonna?
Alpha: The police officers warned us to stop our street performance but we managed to keep our performance after they went somewhere.
When we first time overlaid digital painting with animation on Ai’s hand-drawn large live illustration, we were so excited because we could add new dynamic look on Ai’s illustration.
I see that your own visuals have a wide variety - how do you decide or plan your videos and effects for every show?
Alpha: Based on the theory of Kadensho, we choice videos and tunes to play real time, while considering about varius factors such as the concept of the event, the local culture, season, time, genres of other performances, the progress of Ai Madonna’s illustration, reaction from audiences.
Kadensho, also know as FÅ«shikaden, literally means ''The Transmission of the Flower Through a Mastery ofthe Forms' is the known treatise on drama in Japan, written by Zeami Motokiyo in 15th century.
What can the Singapore audience hope to see at your show at NUS on 10 March?
Please come to see our performance! You might see cultural bridge between Akihabara, Tokyo to Singapore!
Make sure you come to watch them
Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega and Ai*Madonna at NUS Arts Out Loud on Friday 10 March 7.30 pm - 10 pm. In the meantime here's a video clip from their recent show at Batica in Tokyo, Japan.