Synth Meet at City Music - Modular and Analog Synths (Video)

Khew Sin Sun, a pioneer of electronic music in Singapore and a founding tutor of our Electronic Music Lab (EML) ( at NUS, recently shared his knowledge of sound synthesis, performed on his collection of analogue synthesizers, and showcased other analogue / modular electronic musicians, at City Music Singapore on 5  November 2016.
This playlist also includes a live analog synth jamming session by guest presenters David McKaige & Jon He performing on their modular synthesizers.

About Khew Sin Sun

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Khew Sin Sun has always been at the forefront of Music Technology. Since winning his first Synthesizer as a prize by winning the Yamaha Electone South East Asia Competition, it started a lifelong passion on "All Things Electronic"  All of this time, Khew found a knack in teaching his art form and conducted numerous workshops, talks, demonstrations as well as lectures about music technology. Khew Sin Sun was also a founding tutor of the NUS Electronic Music Lab - a performance group based at the NUS Centre for the Arts that composes, produces, performs, records and promotes original electronic music in Singapore.

About David McKaige

First hitting the stage as a bass player in a Santana tribute band in America, David is now based in Singapore and has established himself here as a Keyboard & Guitar player. Since then, David has been intrigued by how one can never truly create the same sound twice on a modular synthesizer.

About Jon He

Jon He is an experimental sound and integrated media artist, researcher and educator. He works within a hybridized culture of art and technology, exploring the frontiers of computational creativity in contemporary sonic and visual arts practices. His works have been published at major international academic conferences/ journals and performed at specialized events and venues all over the world. His modular works are influenced by noise music, electro-acoustic music tradition, micro sounds, and the art of guqin music. This convergence results in works that traverse between the extremes of musical time scales, often blurring rhythmic rigidness and smearing the unwavering radiance of melodies. Jon is currently the postdoctoral teaching fellow in Sonic Arts at Yale-NUS College.