AFTER DARK at ARTISTRY - Live Show Wed 20/7

Ready to enjoy new, original, live electronic music from six hot new electronic music artists, curated by us, over good food and drinks in a great venue Artistry Cafe? Join us at AFTER DARK and listen to mixed genres that include House, Drum & Bass, Experimental, Ambient, Electro Pop, EDM, Trance, Trip Hop. Meet the new artists and find out how you can be a part of the growing Singapore original electronic music scene.
7.30 pm Wed 20 July 2016 at Artistry Cafe, Jalan Pinang
Admission is free, go ahead and buy more food and drinks :)
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NARS.K is a songwriter and electronic musician and a member of the NUS Electronic Music Lab. With a preference for melodious and slower paced music, flowing melodies with instruments like the grand piano, bells and synths form an integral element in her songs. She seeks to integrate forms of self-expression through her music, basing many of her of songs on story conceptualisations. Her songs often follow storylines derived from her daily life, for example The Morning Routine, which features samples of tooth brushing, flushing toilets, chewing on toast and cars whizzing past - part of the extensive collection of sounds contributing to the flow of the piece.
On top of her individual musical ventures, NARS.K is also part of electronic trio ROYLE
You can find NARS.K on Facebook
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AXiAM is a solo original electronic musician performing at AFTER DARK on Wed 20/7. AXiAM is inspired by the spectrum and variety of electronic music, and who seeks to present the diversity and energy of dance music. AXiAM looks to all that is full of life and energy in the hardest dance and the lightest pop, regardless of genre or generation, and reimagines them into something new.
THREE HUNTERS is a musical collaboration of three musicians from different backgrounds, striving to create engaging live performances. Percussionist MING KANG draws influences from indie and alternative rock, while multi-instrumentalists HONG VAN and RAFAEL have their roots in metal, shoegaze, post-rock and electronica. They create a special sound that is not defined by one genre, but incorporates elements from the different styles of music they enjoy. Their sound is textured with manipulated ambience and dreamy reverb, resulting in a dark yet uplifting mood - something that would not only be remembered by its tune, but by the feeling you get when you listen to it.