[Spotlight on:] Discovering the #electronicmusic of Brandon Lum on 18 July

Melodic electronic musician (and new EML President) Brandon Lum is releasing his new EP DISCOVERY with a launch hosted by Electronic Music Lab at NUS Stephen Riady Centre on the 18th of July.

DISCOVERY is a vocal and melody driven electronic EP that covers songs of different genres, from trance to progressive house, ambient and melodic dubstep - conveying the message and emotions about the discovery of your passions. Brannlum is performing with live vocals from Skye Soon and Shawn. Here are some examples of covers that his team has produced.

Remembering Sunday (All Time Low Cover) - Darren & Brandon ft Shawn

Flashlight (Originally Performed By Jessie J) - Brannlum ft Miin Tong

  • Pre-ordered Tickets go at $6, instead of the $8 at the door
  • Pre-order the physical EP to get it at $10 instead of the usual $12

Head here to order your tickets http://ptix.co/1CQlX5N
For more details visit https://www.facebook.com/events/499474780202969/