[Spotlight on:] The Advent of Mitch Advent #electronicmusician

Prolific electronic musician (and new EML Vice President) Mitch Advent has been really busy this year, with a series of innovative gigs and electronic music releases.

Fill The Void

In January 2015, Mitch and seven other electronic musicians (Keith Chia, Nanowander, Brannlum, Francis Giovandi, Clifford Auyong, Kester Tan, Jane Jirapa) set up in an empty void deck in Tampines in conjunction with the Void Deck Festival, to "fill the void" with sound. Watch the video below to see the action and to hear Mitch explain what the team did -

Music Matters

In May, Mitch performed at the Music Matters Live Party at Beer Market, a great opportunity for an up and coming electronic musician to play in a 4 day event that featured 70+ international bands/artists of different genres from acoustic to indie to rock.
Mitch at Music Matters Live - with EML's Brandon Lum taking video

Album Launch

In June 2015, Mitch Advent launched his album, After Darkat NUS UTown, hosted by the NUS Electronic Music Lab as part of the June 2015 PlugIn event.


The show was given a sparkling review and Mitch was interviewed about the album in http://jumpintolimbo.co.vu/post/121507224547/mitch-advent-after-dark
This is only for the first half of 2015! What's next for this musician who produces excellent new tracks at a stunning, almost weekly, rate? Stay tuned to this blog for more updates.