New electronic music - show on Fri 21 Feb at UTown NUS

If you enjoy discovering new independent electronic musicians and their electronic music, join us on Friday 21 Feb 2014, 6,30 pm at UTown (National University of Singapore). 
The new members of EML will be playing their new original tracks, on keyboards, laptops, launchpads, controllers, and with vocal processing. Some are experimental electronica / glitch, some are EDM / trance / house, all are very interesting. Scroll down to see and hear them preparing for the show.  
Ben - Mitch - Launchpad
Ben (right) watching Mitch preparing his Launchpad for the show 
Mitch is a prolific producer of electronic dance music. His SoundCloud page is chock full of his original EDM, trance, hardstyle, breaks, house, electro and more. Click on the photo below to check out the video interview on the Facebook Event Page
Click here to see the interview video at the Facebook Event Page
Sean Poh and Jane have created a fascinating chillwave / trip hop song that combines Sean's dark, ethereal atmospheres and beats with Jane's highly processed vocals. Here's a video of their process of creating the song.

Nothing beats coming to watch the show, see come over to NUS UTown at 6.30 pm on Friday 21 Feb 2014, admission is FREE. More info, previews and a map to the venue at the Facebook event page  Image