EML alumni Cosmic Armchair and Jay Lim working on new EP

Jane (Cosmic Armchair) with vocal producer Jay and sound engineer Weiqi, at Glowsound Studios
EML is a great place to meet like minded musicians, and we're always happy to see alumni of the Electronic Music Lab working together on projects, so this time it's the combination of electro pop / synthpop duo Cosmic Armchair and vocal producer Jay Lim.
Jane in the recording booth
A selfie in the recording booth!
Cosmic Armchair first met at EML many years ago, and over the years, they've recorded at different studios (including EML) and worked with different producers and engineers including EML Tutor Adrian Lo), and learned many things in the process.
For the upcoming Cosmic Armchair EP called Contact (to be released in January), they're recording at Glowsound Studios (owned by top sound engineer and producer Geoffrey Low), and working with top vocal coach and vocal producer Jay Lim. 
Geoffrey and his studio are in hot demand these days, recording top artists from all over the Asian pop scene. But few people realize that he was also a pioneer in the synthpop / electro pop scene in Singapore, in bands like Club E and The Usual Suspects. With these electronic music credentials, you know he really understands electro pop!
Ben and Jane (Cosmic Armchair) met Jay Lim many years ago at EML (www.eml.org.sg), and since then Jay has gone on to compete in Singapore Idol, and is now a professional songwriter writing songs for top artists all over Asia. Since he knows Ben and Jane so well, he can comfortably give Jane vocal directions like "imagine you're a mermaid coming out for breath" or "now you are inside a cave".

sound engineer Weiqi with Jay at the mixing desk, photo taken from the recording booth

Just to add to the EML Alumni togetherness, top composer / arranger Bang Wenfu dropped by. Wenfu is also an alumni of the Electronic Music Lab, having since worked with Kit Chan, Eric Huang Yun Ren (producing hits for Jacky Cheung, Stefanie Sun, Tanya Chua, Emil Chau, Sandy Lam, Fish Leong, S.H.E., A Mei, Kelly Poon, Penny Tai, Show Luo, Jolin Tsai, and Jaycee Chan) Ng Ling Kai and Sarah Cheng de Winne.
So remember to stay in touch with your EML friends even after you leave - you never know when you'll work with them again.
In case you're wondering what the music sounds like ...