3 things we learned at the SGMUSO House Party

We had a good time at the SGMUSO House Party and we learned a few things too:

#1 Setting up for a live electronic music gig can be easy, if you do it right

Principal Tutor Ben combined education with performance, by turning the soundcheck for his band Cosmic Armchair into a real life EML lesson on how to setup for a live electronic music gig. He set up the full Cosmic Armchair live rig (Korg Microstation, Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, ThinkPad tablet, Korg Mini-KP, mixer, reverb) single-handed in 10 minutes while explaining every step of the way. 
How did he do it? Preparation. Every cable, instrument and gadget was packed in bundles to make the connecting quick and efficient, and he had several dry runs before the day of the show.

Principal Tutor Ben (Cosmic Armchair) teaching how to setup for a live electronic music gig

#2 Festivals are good times to make friends with other musicians

Among the many bands we watched (besides Cosmic Armchair)  we also watched the excellent Shades in Grey. 
Watching Shades in Grey
And after the show, Ben introduced us to the members of Shades in Grey!
Making friends with Shades in Grey

#3 Musicians need to get smart using streaming sites to promote music

We also attended a panel with representatives from Deezer, Spotify, and YouTube. All of these sites / apps have tools to help musicians like us to reach more fans and to get to know fans better. But we have to take the step to work with the sites / apps to make the best use of this information.
Panel with Dona from Deezer speaking
It was a great event and we hope that SGMUSO will have one every year!