Welcome to EML (and more music to listen to)

Last night we welcomed a large group of interested people who might become new members of the Electronic Music Lab. They heard an introduction to EML and what they can do for EML, from President Chin Pin, Principal Tutor Ben, and Tutors Adrian and KK.
Tutors Adrian and KK
President Chin Pin introducing EML
Some were interested enough to try playing some electronic music on the various instruments and equipment available.
If you missed the Welcome Tea, come meet us at the Lab on Saturday morning 10am (24 August 2013) - email us electronicmusiclab@gmail.com to get directions.

More Music

Principal Tutor Ben asked everyone to choose their favourite artists or genres, referring to a 2 minute introduction video. We got many more suggestions of favourite artists so we're featuring some of them here

Amon Tobin


Yellow Claw





Armin Van Buuren

Swedish House Mafia


Owl City

Daft Punk