Sat 27/4: POP LAB Workshop on Alternative Controllers + DJ-ing

This Saturday, 27 April 2013 from 3-5pm, POP-LAB; a collaboration between the POP TRASH DJ ACADEMY and ELECTRONIC MUSIC LAB takes you into the digital realm of DJ'ing and electronic music production.
Join the Veteran DJ, Chief Instructor at Pop Trash and Kyo resident Brendon P together with Veteran Electronic Musicians Ben, Adrian and Kithsa from the Electronic Music Lab as they give a seminar on DJ'ing and Electronic Music production and show how the two worlds merge into each other.
They will show you how the new breed of DJ's and live electronic musicians produce live shows that grab attention and audiences using Alternate Controllers to break free from the limitations of laptops.
Using an eclectic range of gadgets from Launchpads to joysticks and even to Wiimotes and Kinects they will also demonstrate how they've been playing live electronic music at venues like Esplanade Concourse and NUS UCC.
It's an interactive insight into the nuts and bolts of DJ Controllers, Traktor, Ableton Live and Max for Live, and a look into the local and global realm of DJ'ing as well.
Followed later the same night by the grand finale of the Super Zero festival, with top DJs Brendon P, Boris, Delta Funktionen & Illusion Recordings
You may never look at live electronic music the same way again.