Diagnostics by Timothy Tan (electroacoustic, experimental)

This track is not for the faint of heart. Timothy Tan has been creating disturbing and thought provoking soundscapes and electroacoustic epics and this is his most.chilling so far. Unlike the very human and organic performance art of his previous piece Culinary Delights (2012), Diagnostics sounds like the machines are really coming to get you. This preview doesn't even do the live performance justice because it will be in quadrophonic surround sound. 

Timothy will perform Diagnostics (experimental, electroacoustic) at PERSONA, EML's enhanced surround sound and video event with original electronica, ambient, electroacoustic, electro house, glitch and 8-bit music.
Sat 9 March 2013 and Sun 10 March 2013, 8pm, NUS University Cultural Centre
Tickets $15 from SISTIC or email us electronicmusiclab@gmail.com