Countdown to new electronic music event PERSONA (9 and 10 March 2013)

Just a few weeks left to go before the major Electronic Music Lab event of the year: NUS Arts Fest presents PERSONA. Unlike the smaller and more casual gigs that EML plays throughout the year (Starbucks, NUS) this is a large scale surround sound and video production on 9 March with a repeat on 10 March. Watch this space for previews of the brand new music from Persona, which ranges from 8-bit to ambient to electro to J-pop to electroacoustic experimental and lots in between.

This year we follow the story of Persona - an android and her quest for the perfect persona. She escapes the laboratory where she was programmed to be the perfect alter-ego, and instead travels through the diverse landscape of electronic music – a rendered universe of constructed identities and originally composed music.
Developed by humans as part of a research project in the name of scientific recognition and reputation, she experiences the struggles of the creator and the created over control.
Is the creation of a persona the answer or the problem? Is it the end or the beginning?
I don't know.
Come and find out 8pm on Saturday 9 March 2013 at NUS University Cultural Centre.

Second performance is on Sun 10 Mar 2013, at the same time and venue.
Tickets at $15  (exclusive of SISTIC booking fee) are available from SISTIC - click here to get tickets.