What really happens when Swedish House Mafia splits up?

Reactions to the news on Swedish House Mafia 's official website (Message / The Official Swedish House Mafia site)  - that their current tour will be their last - will likely range from shock and sadness (their fans) to good riddance (people who hate their particular brand of House Music) to "who are they?" (most people; the rest of the world). Even though tracks like Save The World are international dancefloor anthems, the reality is that the general public has no idea who SHM are. And wouldn't care to find out.

That's no problem for SHM as they continue to pack festivals, clubs and stadiums throughout their tour. House music is an international language in dance parties and SHM speak it very fluently around the world.
So what  will be the impact of  their split (due in November 2012) on the electronic dance music scene? Maybe not as much as you would think - and that's not to diminish their contribution.
This type of split is very different from what happens when a band splits. When a typical band breaks up, the individual members are not equivalent to the sum of the whole. Usually only the singer has a good shot at a successful solo career.
On the other hand, Swedish House Mafia is actually three individually successful DJ / Producers: Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso. Each of them has a thriving production, remixing and DJ career outside of SHM. So we will continue to hear more music from these three individuals.
What about the music they created together - which is admittedly different from their individual styles? The electronic dance music world thrives on collaboration, with producers remixing each other all the time. It shouldn't surprise anyone if (in future, after the split) any two of the three members work together on musical projects - or even if all three members collaborate on a track.
So even while their fans will miss hearing new tracks under the Swedish House Mafia banner, we will  probably hear more music in the same vein for years to come.

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