7 Steps to Remixing Tracks

These are the 7 steps that I go through when remixing a track. By following these steps I completed this latest remix in about 4 hours spread over 2 nights.

1. Choose the right project based on your objectives

Preparing for DJ Set?
Uploading on YouTube for exposure?
Taking part in competition?
Commissioned by the artist?
Learning a new genre?

2. Choose the right genre based on your project

Can the original BPM fit the chosen genre?
Has the track been mixed in the genre too many times?

3. Obtain and prepare the stems or base material for your project

Are the stems available or do you need to bootleg?
What VST can perform vocal extraction?
Can the stems be warped easily?
How to warp vocal stems that have no beats?

4. Plan your structure, dynamics, sounds based on the genre

What is your reference track?
How should the track begin and end?
What should it do in the middle?
What are the key sounds, instruments, samples to use?

5. Build the groove

What would a good track in this genre sound like?
What are the key parts of the original that you want to keep / highlight?

6. Add your personal touch

Your own riff?
Your own samples?
Your own use of effects?

7. Check against your reference regularly

Is the balance right?
Is the feel right?
Do you have trusted collaborators who can give feedback?

We'll be going through these steps and building remixes hands on during our class on remixing. Email electronicmusiclab@gmail.com if you want to find out about our next class.