3 reasons to enter remix contests

Why enter remix contests?
  • Explore new ways of making music  - usually when we (Cosmic Armchair www.cosmicarmchair.com) write a song, it comes with a certain style or musical idea. But when we work with someone else's music, there are no mental barriers or preconceived notions, which enables us to experiment freely
  •  Learn from other artists - I learned a whole lot from Nine Inch Nails' remix sets e.g. the entire set of multitracks for "Only" saved in an Ableton Live file, absolutely educational
  • Borrow some fame - because fans who search YouTube for the original artist's track will also find the remix
  • Win something (at least some PR) - the remix that we did for Linkin Park's Catalyst made it to the Top 5 in Warner Music Singapore's Remix Contest, which got us
    • Exposure at the prize ceremony
    • Contacts with other remixers
    • A cool Linkin Park T-shirt
    • Since then, it's been played by various DJs at parties

My favourite 3 sites to find remix contests (and they usually don't overlap)
I also like www.acidplanet.com but at time of writing there are no contests active - so remember to try again later.

Ben (Cosmic Armchair www.cosmicarmchair.com)