Cosmic Armchair reviwed in The Straits Times

Cosmic Armchair is an electronic pop duo feturing EML tutors Benjamin Ang and Jane Lau

Reviewed in The Straits Times - Sound Bites, Life Section, Singapore 4 April 2009

A Different View
Cosmic Armchair
Stratos Records

There is a certain genre of easy-listening electronica which defies any form of easy categorisation or even criticism.

Cosmic Armchair belong to this field of musicians, ranging from pretend-goth Evanescence and Conjure One to Enya and Sarah Brightman who can mew their way through time and good judgment.

The home-grown pop duo, comprising Cosmic Jane and Cosmic Ben, dish out an affluenza of synth-happy anthems such as Frontiers and Cross The Line that float by prettily like Twilight’s teen vampires with rouge lips and coiffed hair.

It is their straight-faced earnestness that saves the day, and thank goodness they do save the best for last. Marching Of The Days, despite its ominous title, soars with its retro-electro ambient melody.