How to use Ableton Live for karaoke

Many of you will be familiar with the world famous digital audio workstation software Ableton Live ( This software has revolutionized the field of music, especially live electronic music performance and DJ-ing, and much more -

Not surprising then that Ableton Live is a favourite of top artists such as Sasha, The Prodigy, BT, Front 242, Daft Punk etc etc etc

This Chinese New Year we discovered yet another use for Ableton Live. As part of the traditional family reunions of this season, some of the senior members of the clan decided to have karaoke ... but we didn't have a karaoke machine on hand. All we had were original CDs, a laptop, a mic, and some lyrics from the net. How could we carry on?

1. Rip the CDs into MP3 using iTunes
2. Setup Live so that it wouldn't automatically Warp the samples (under Preferences)
3. Load the MP3's into Live
4. Insert one audio track for the mic, and add one of Live's pre-set Reverb effects
5. Connect the output of the laptop to the home hi-fi, and away we go!

This should work with other DAWs such as Cubase, Logic and Sonar. Happy karaoke and Happy Chinese New Year!


marshall said…
yes, we are using Ableton for Karaoke as well. Doing a bit more pre-production to create video files with lyrics ... but the same idea.
Kirsty Steven said…
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