Course Outline (Year 1 to Year 3)

In case you're wondering what the big picture is for EML's lessons, and what's in store for you from semester to semester, here it is -

If you're a beginner, you can start with the Year 1 programme and we'll guide you all the way from zero knowledge until you create your own original work for the October showcase

If you're already experienced in making music on computers, you can join the Year 2 programme and experiment through specialised projects on synthesis, sampling and effects.

When you've seen it all, you can carry out your own Directed Study in the Year 3 programme (like a thesis, but more fun), and go really really deep into a specific area of electronic music.

All members

  • Semester 1 = Aug – Sep
  • Showcase = October
  • Vacation 1 = Dec (with Master Classes e.g. Soundscapes, Composition, CSound, Interactive, Studio visits)
  • Semester 2 = Jan - Mar
  • Annual Concert = Mar
  • Vacation 2 = May - July

Year 1 in EML / Beginners
Sem 1: EM 101 Introduction & Core Subjects (see the post below)
Sem 2: EM 102 Continuation of Core

Year 2 in EML / Experienced (in making music on computer)
Sem 1:

  • EM 201 Sampling
  • EM 202 Synthesis
  • EM 203 Sound design

Sem 2:

  • EM 211, EM 212, EM 213 – Projects based on Semester 1

Year 3 in EML / Advanced
EM 301 Directed Study - choose a topic (supervised by Music Director)
EM 302 Directed Study - choose a topic (supervised by Music Director)