[UPDATED] Lesson Schedule 2008

[updated dates are in red]
Please print this for your own reference - we won't have time to remind you to come ...
Ben’s lessons:
-Each lesson will be est 2 hours, with hands on. We'll start on time.
-Venue: CFA meeting room
-First 2 lessons are held on THURSDAY 6pm-8pm
-Subsequent lessons are on SATURDAY 11am-1pm
-If you might miss a lesson, please e-mail us
-If you think you already know the topics, do come and share your knowledge and any music you have created.
* Basic lessons will be taught on August to October
*Advanced lessons will be taught on December, January and February

Performance at home club (Riverwalk) Sat night 24 Aug 08 - click to find out how to get there

1. Getting Started (Basic and Advanced) (Thu 6th Sept)
Please bring your laptop (if you have one) for sessions, so you can try what you learn hands on.
a.. Overview of Music Technology and Production
b.. How to setup a Desktop Studio
c.. Troubleshooting
2. Creating Original Tracks (Basic and Advanced) (Sat 15th Sept)
a.. The Theme
b.. Creating a Groove
c.. Developing a Track
3. Song Production: Part 1 (Introduction and A Section) (Basic and Advanced) (Sat 22th Sept)
a.. Developing a Song Production (First Steps)
b.. Creating an Intro
c.. Adding and Modifying Sections
4. Song Production: Part 2 (B Section, Variation, and End) (Basic and Advanced) (29th Sept)
a.. Variations (A, B structures and Breakdowns)
b.. The Ending
5. Song Production: Part 3 (Sound and Effects) (Basic and Advanced) (6th Oct)
a.. How Effect Processing enhances your track
b.. Determining Where Effects Are Needed
c.. Creative use of Effects
6. Song Production Part 4: Arrangement and Mixing (Basic and Advanced) (13th Oct)
a.. How to approach Arrangement
b.. Different types of Arrangement (Dance, Experimental, Pop)
c.. How to make a good Mix
7. Creating Original Sounds (Basic and Advanced) (20th Oct)
a.. How to sample
b.. How to synthesize
c.. How to synthesize with samples
d.. Sound Design Programming Techniques
8. Recording and Audio Engineering (Basic and Advanced) (TBA)
a.. How to set up a recording session
b.. How to record your session
c.. How to enhance your recording (audio engineering)
9. Comparing Sequencers and DAWs (Advanced only)
a.. Ableton Live b.. Computer Muzys c.. Fruity Loops d.. Samplitude

Jane’s lessons:
-Music Theory is only for those who have ZERO music background.
-Music Theory to start on 1st Sem. Fridays 14th, 21stand 28th Sept
-Video Production and Staging to start on 2nd Sem. Fridays 18th, 25th Jan, 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd Feb
-Vocal training is optional. Subject to demand.

1. Music Theory (3 sessions)
2. Video Production and Staging (6 sessions)
a. How to Stage and Produce a Concert
b. Enhancing visuals
3. Vocal Training (optional) (regular sessions) (may start on 2nd sem if there is demand)

Please keep checking this website in case there are changes in schedule.