Welcome to the Electronic Music Production workshop! These are your joining instructions.
  • No prior experience in electronic music production is needed. Some basic musical ability is sufficient. 
  • If you are already experienced: Let us know, and bring your own music tracks, so you can get individual coaching on improving your productions 
  • Lesson format: 30 minute blocks Instruction and demo (10 minutes), followed by hands-on (20 minutes), you can take a break at any time 
  • Equipment: SOMA has a fully equipped computer music lab (Mac), but you can also use your own laptop (Windows and Mac both supported). 
  • If you are using your own laptop, you must download and install Ableton Live 9 Suite Demo from this link before the class - it will take too long to download and install during the class 
  • Please complete this short form so we will know how to help you better 


If you want a refresher on concepts of making beats, basslines, and melodies, visit Ableton’s Learning Music tutorials


For week 2, you will need to download these files. You can download them during the week and try them out for yourself.

More resources for you to try out

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