Joining the Electronic Music Lab (2017)

If you enjoy electronic music and you're a student or alumni of NUS (National University of Singapore), EML is the place for you!  Come and meet us on the dates listed below - email for details of location.
1Wed 23 AugWelcome Tea
Wed 7 pm
226 Aug 2017Workshop 1
10am - 4pm
2 Sep 2017Workshop 2
10am - 4pm
(Hari Raya Haji on Friday)
49 Sep 2017PLUGIN
516 Sep 2017Loops / Collaboration
623 Sep 2017Controllers / Collaboration
Recess30 Sep 2017No session
77 Oct 2017Riffs & Melodies / Collaboration
814 Oct 2017MASTER CLASS
921 Oct 2017PLUG OUT (Artistry)
Deepavali on Wednesday
1028 Oct 2017Loudness / Collaboration
1131 Oct 2017Live Lounge @ Town Plaza 
1211 Nov 2017Remixing / Collaboration
1318 Nov 2017Chords / Collaboration
Reading25 Nov 2017No session
Exam9 Dec 2017No session
Why do students and alumni choose EML, the Electronic Music Lab based at NUS Centre for the Arts, National University of Singapore? Over the years we've found 3 reasons -
  1. They already make their own electronic music, and they enjoy collaborating with other musicians, developing their skills, and trying things they wouldn't do on their own
  2. They haven't made their own electronic music yetand they want to learn how, so they enjoy the process of learning, expressing their ideas, and sharing their creations with others who are also exploring
  3. They enjoy the activities around electronic music, like collaborating on projects, organizing events, and meeting electronic musicians and others who also enjoy electronic music
Together with EML, with every new intake, we're learning about new ideas, new electronic music, and trying new experiments.

Together, we've had great experiences like organizing and performing shows in Zouk (multiple times), Esplanade (multiple times), even Hong Kong.

Live in concert
Together, we can do much more (in electronic music) than we can do alone.