EML Alumnus Jay Lim co-writes National Day Parade 2017 theme song

Congratulations to our EML Alumnus Jay Lim, who co-wrote the National Day Parade 2017 theme song, Because It's Singapore!, with veteran composer Lee Wei Song, and sang for the official recording. You can watch the video of the debut performance above.
The full article is here http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/nothing-in-this-world-compares-to-singapore-for-musician-jay-lim-joint-producer-of-ndp
Photo from ST Article: Desmond Foo
The photo above is what Jay looks like now. Still looks as youthful as he did when he was EML President, years ago - see below.
Jay Lim - during his EML days
His landmark EML concert was the first ElectrOdyssey (2001), which he led as President, and where he also performed his innovative classical / Chinese / electronic piece with his sister, Lin Shiyun. He even edited the concert video.

Congratulations again to Jay!