Learn Electronic Music Production at SOMA: 15 & 22 Apr 2017 #Ableton #electronicmusic

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Want to learn how to make your own electronic music tracks or remixes? Or are you already making music and want to improve your productions?
Come for the 2017 Electronic Music Production course at SOMA!
Venue: School of Music and the Arts, Orchard Central (Singapore)
Dates: Sat 15 April / Sat 22 April 2017
Times: 1 pm - 7 pm
Software used: Ableton Live 9
Requirements: No prior experience in electronic music production is needed. Some basic musical ability is sufficient.
If you are already experienced: Let the instructor know, and bring your own music tracks, so you can get individual coaching on improving your productions
Lesson format: Instruction and demo, followed by hands-on
Equipment: SOMA has a fully equipped computer music lab, but you can also bring your own laptop - please let the instructor know beforehand
Instructor: Ben - producer/remixer of electro pop duo Cosmic Armchair

What you will learn

Day 1 - 15 April 2017
Lesson 1: Introduction 
- Your Objectives
- Electronic Music Genres
- Electronic Music Terms
- Ableton Live 9
Lesson 2: Making Beats
- Programming Beats
- Recording Live Beats
Lesson 3: Melody
- Why is Melody important?
- How to program a Melody
- How to record a Melody
Lesson 4: Bassline
- Programming a bassline
- Recording a bassline
- Chord progressions
Lesson 5: Pads and fills
- Programming a pad
- Recording a pad
- Chord progressions
- Other fills 
Lesson 6: Arrangement
- Common Electronic Music Structures
- Working in Arrangement View
- Basic levels and reverb

Day 2 - 22 Apr 2017
Lesson 7: Audio effects
- Introduction to effects
- Insert effects and Send effects
- Automating effects: Filter, Delay,
- Using Utility to control volume
Lesson 8: Basic Synthesis 
- Modifying sounds with synthesis, using Operator
Lesson 9: Basic Sampling
- Turning samples into instruments, using Simpler 
- Turning samples into beats, using Drum Kits
Lesson 10: Playing Live with Pads and Controllers
- Connecting pads and controllers
- Tips for performance
Lesson 11: Mixing and EQ
- Basics of mixing: pan, levels
- Basics of EQ: shelving, adding air
Lesson 12: 
- Final review of your track
- Preparation for presentation
- Presentation of final track


E-mail Gina at ginalai@soma.edu.sg or call 91185630 for more details or to register.