Our Favourite Freeware VSTs for 2016

Best (Favourite) Freeware VSTs for 2016

These are our favourites from the latest excellent freeware effects and synths in VST format which we found with help from our favourite source, Computer Music magazine - the Plogue Alter Ego is the most amazing, with its Vocaloid capability. Get the rest in CM230: http://bit.ly/cm230


Plogue Alter Ego

This is more than a synth - it can sing your text. 

Acoustica Nightlife

Good synth with current EDM, House and Trance type sounds, arpeggiator and effects

Download at http://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/nightlife-free-vst.php

Helm by Mike Tytel


Tritik Krush

Download at https://www.tritik.com/products/krush/

Highlights: bit crushing and downsampling, resonant filters and most important: LFO to make it modulate distortion as you play

A1 TriggerGate

Can be used very effectively as a Trance Gate, and even as way of adding non-Trance rhythms to any genre of music

Download at http://www.alexhilton.net/A1AUDIO/index.php/a1triggergate


Harish said…
Do keep in mind that access to the actual source code is more important than the executable. You will never know what is in the executable.