Oceans Children AND #Ableton vs classical #violin at The Mill

Tonight (Sat 7 Feb) Oceans Children presents their unique vocal indie electronic breaks songs followed by a genre-defying gig as  Kester improvises on Ableton with classical violinist Steven Halim. Catch them at The Mill (Jalan Kilang near Bukit Merah) as part of the 2 week long festival by Heart of Glass and Artistry there.

What do they sound like? Check out the video link below -
Post by Ocean's Children.

"For the technically-minded individuals out there, the vocal effects are done with the TC-Helicon Voicelive Touch 2, and the rest of the music is run from Ableton controlled by the Push"

The Programme for the night is:

Here's a teaser from the rehearsal with Kester on Ableton and Steven on violin

So make sure you catch this excellent event tonight at The Mill! Full event details at https://www.facebook.com/events/1423075117983895/