60 minutes to make a new electronic music track

This weekend, new members at the NUS  Electronic Music Lab had the chance to test out their new skills in making beats and basslines, when they were challenged to make a new track of electronic musicin 60 minutes! Working in Ableton Live in groups of 2 or 3, using borrowed keyboards (CME XKey, Korg NanoKeys) and Launchpads, they followed a strict schedule of making beats (15 min), bassline (15 min), melody (15 min) and placing them into a song structure (15 min). Even Tutors took up the challenge, with Kithsa making his entire track on Push without even looking at the laptop screen.

And when the time was up, every group had made a new piece of music each! Not necessarily Top 10 chart material, but lots of good potential for development, especially as we  go deeper into song structure in the coming weeks.

Hands on sessions like this are key (pardon the pun) to EML because we are a performance group (not a school) and everything we learn is for use in creating or performing electronic music. 

If you're interested in getting involved in making electronic music, or getting involved with the local electronic music scene in promotion or publicity or marketing, drop us an email at electronicmusiclab@gmail.com , or chat with us on Facebook.