Saturday, March 08, 2014

8 Useful tips to get started marketing your music

Where do i get good advice on how to promote my original music? There are countless music marketing websites, each with an abundance of advice, some use useful and some not so useful. And EML Principal Tutor Ben reads most of them ... So here are some of the best articles to get started with.
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1. Now that you've recorded your own music, what do you do? Some good ideas
How to make your electronic press kit, and many more tips
2. How to draw more fans to your website, how to get bloggers to write about your music,  and more
3. Good overview of what music marketing is and isn't
4. How to boost your YouTube views, and more
5. YouTube has its own guide for musicians
6. 12 ways to make money from your original music
7. Lots of free stuff for musicians!
8. How to promote music on BandCamp, by the founder, and more

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