Something for everyone at EML

One of the good things about a collective like the Electronic Music Lab is that there's something for everyone, no matter what level of skill you're at or where you are on your musical journey. Even among new members, we have a range from beginners, to prolific producers like Mitch Advent, to experience DJ's like Dr Foo.
Just last Saturday, we had different clusters of members working on different projects:
  • Beginners getting started creating the first track, with beats, basslines and melodies
  • Experienced musicians combining their different genres (house, trance, hardstyle, techno) into a massive big room track
  • Senior members working with Tutor Adrian Lo on tracks for the new EP Android Calling
Now all we need is larger premises to fit everyone in!
Getting started making beats
Collaborating to make a big room track
Preparing tracks for the EP Android Calling