Lesson 6: Remixing

Where to get remix sources, samples, and a voice-isolator

You can download stems or remix sources from these websites
You can find free loops in different genres from http://www.musicradar.com/- click on Samples

To remove vocals from an existing track, get the VST Extra Boy for $0.90 http://www.elevayta.com/d_plugins.htm
(Limited time only https://www.yousendit.com/download/MEtUTmZZeDMzS28wTVE9PQ)

How to get started in remixing

  1. Make sure your remix source is correctly warped / acidized (timing is correct)
  2. Identify what tempo your source is in - how far can you speed up or slow down?
  3. Identify what key your source is in
  4. Use EQ to remove bass or treble elements if needed
  5. Use Extra Boy to isolate vocals if needed
  6. Build up a Groove
    - beats,
    - bassline (make your loops match the key of your source)
  7. Build out a Structure
  8. Have fun!