Lesson 5 Effects

For Lesson 5, we explore how effects are used in electronic music. The effects that we will cover are
  1. Reverb
  2. Delay - including Ping Pong and Granular Delay
  3. Phaser
  4. Flanger
  5. Distortion / Overdrive / Bitcrusher
  6. Filter - including High Pass, Low Pass, Automation (Filter Sweeps)
  7. Compression - including Side-Chaining
  8. Auto-Tune
  9. Glitch effects e.g. Beat Repeat
Some good sources of raw recordings (vocal and instrumental) for experimenting are the remix contest sites like:
You can download entire multitrack recordings and experiment on them.
Please download one or two songs that you want to work on for Lesson 6: Remixing.