Saturday, March 27, 2010

19 links to free software, samples, VST - you should follow us on Twitter

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  1. these free #vst fx from destroyfx will really mess you up - scrubby and buffer override at
  2. for our guitarist friends, free #vst stomp box distortion Metal Clone at
  3. some epic reverb with the free #vst called ... epicverb (yeah) at
  4. for our Mac user friends (Shay!), free #vst effects at
  5. because you can never have too many TR808 samples - free 20MB set at
  6. Free Symptohm #VST synth - sounds really heavy - at
  7. Free AutoTune #VST - yes we sound like T-Pain - GSnap from
  8. RT @sonicnick: Brick Wall Audio Free Kontakt Library: Deviant States - Quirky, Cinematic Sounds
  9. free advice on promoting your music RT @ReverbNation: Free tour marketing handbook - The Artist Farm:
  10. essential reading for your music career RT @ReverbNation: Should you play music full time? ^RO
  11. sign up with PLP for free samples of their samples (loops)
  12. thank goodness we didn't see this before exams - lotsa lotsa free #vst at!
  13. 3rd free reverb today #vst from TAL at
  14. 2nd free reverb today #vst from KarmaFX, also with filter and delay
  15. 1st free reverb today #vst Convolution Reverb from Christian Knufinke
  16. From @MusicRadar: SampleRadar: 272 free guitar and bass samples
  17. Download Free Samples, Loops and Sample Packs | via @addthis
  18. Ableton users need to know this! 30 Ableton Live Tips » Synthtopia via @sonicnick
  19. essential reading if you want to get results from the music business, get this info

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