More free downloads

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  1. mad VST developers Bram and Tobybear's free VST for lo-fi pitchshifting and delay
  2. free VST Pitch Shifter that can harmonize, from the inventor of Straightliner
  3. cool free filter VST NorthPole for Windows and Mac
  4. amazing free VSTplugins from Bootsy - epicVerb, Nasty Table Top, Rescue
  5. RT @vst4free: Free Mixed Guitar Pack at Splurgo Audio
  6. Free info - research on Paul Van Dyk's use of Ableton
  7. RT @vst4free: Motion Samples Releases Trance Melody Sessions vol. 2 get free demos
  8. RT @vst4free: MiniSoftMusik updates Symetrizer and UniRetroPro and releases FEM1 (fm synth) FREE !
  9. RT @vst4free: Found a sweet free vst for cleaning up stereo in basses at low frequencys -