Links to free VST instruments and samples

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  1. lots of free instruments and samplers for Kontakt
  2. RT @ProducerSociety: Download Free (legal) Plug-ins & more |
  3. RT @sonicnick: News: de la Mancha Intros FMMF : Free 4-Operator FM Synth For WIndows
  4. RT @sonicnick: News: Free BassCruncher Synth For Windows : Bass Sounds Inspired By The Roland TB-303
  5. RT @dancemidisamps: DMS: KVR Developer Challenge 2009: Submissions In - Download 42 FREE Plug-ins / Apps Now!
  6. free granulator AND drum trigger??http://www.smartelectronix....
  7. really destroy your sounds with these free VSTs from DestroyFX http://destroyfx.smartelect...
  8. awesome free VST synths and effects from TAL
  9. RT @blackaura: Camera Controlled Midi controller
  10. excellent blog with reviews of VST synths and free patches
  11. RAVE'ns guide to the best VST instruments for Trance
  12. top shareware Trance VST instruments