Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Links to free VST instruments and samples

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  1. lots of free instruments and samplers for Kontakt http://bit.ly/1tljyL
  2. RT @ProducerSociety: Download Free (legal) Plug-ins & more | http://bit.ly/gjqyj
  3. RT @sonicnick: News: de la Mancha Intros FMMF : Free 4-Operator FM Synth For WIndows http://bit.ly/oimMd
  4. RT @sonicnick: News: Free BassCruncher Synth For Windows : Bass Sounds Inspired By The Roland TB-303 http://bit.ly/VOXQo
  5. RT @dancemidisamps: DMS: KVR Developer Challenge 2009: Submissions In - Download 42 FREE Plug-ins / Apps Now! http://bit.ly/6tAUc
  6. free granulator AND drum trigger??http://www.smartelectronix....
  7. really destroy your sounds with these free VSTs from DestroyFX http://destroyfx.smartelect...
  8. awesome free VST synths and effects from TAL http://kunz.corrupt.ch/?Pro...
  9. RT @blackaura: Camera Controlled Midi controller http://bit.ly/D13vM
  10. excellent blog with reviews of VST synths and free patches http://www.vstcafe.com/
  11. RAVE'ns guide to the best VST instruments for Trance http://bit.ly/3G52p1
  12. top shareware Trance VST instruments http://bit.ly/eCPpD

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