Free Electronic Music Resources

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  1. RT @DarkSideothTune: free bent samples / loops at http://www.darksideofthetun...
  2. RT @sonicnick: News: Free Industrial Distortion VST : NoiseSoft release Hard Line
  3. More free synths - thanks @sonicnick ! Sample player TITAN and 16-voice poly synth Anubis
  4. RT @sonicnick Free frequency shifting VST effect (flanging, phasing, skull melting) from Valhalla
  5. Free VST 9 acoustic pianos, 9 organs, 9 electric pianos from DSK @sonicnick
  6. Free Ableton Live Pack from Swayzak, learn how the pro's do it
  7. RT @sonicnick: News: Free Stereo Distortion VST For Windows : RobRokkenAudio release the Roktion 808 Distortion Unit
  8. RT @sonicnick: News: Chineekong release the HuluSi free-reed wind instrument