2 Sept UCC - EML performing before nuSTUDIOS screening

Our neighbours, nuSTUDIOS,will be presenting an event entitled 'EMCC Storytellers', in conjunction with the Exxon Mobil Campus Concerts next month.

NUS Electronic Music Lab will be performing before the video screening.

Admission is free - do bring your friends along to enjoy the music and video.

Event: EMCC Storytellers

Date and Time: 2nd September 2009, 7.30pm

Venue: University Cultural Centre, NUS

Free admission

The films are CASHLESS and Definition.

CASHLESS synopsis:

CASHLESS revolves around a man's reckless pursuit of his misplaced cash after he mistakenly transfers an important sum of money meant for his mother into the wrong ATM account. When time and money are at stake, how far must he go before he finally finds himself?

Definition synopsis:

Like the most of us, ALVIN is constantly searching for the ever-so-elusive meaning of life. However, unlike the most of us, he has his eccentric and worldly-wise (also easily mistaken to be as loopy as a rollercoaster ride) best friend SIMON to help him in his quest to find the true value of the things most coveted by everyone – power, money and love. Join ALVIN as he unwittingly embarks on a wacky journey of self-discovery (where he learns of things he would rather not know), experiences mixed emotions (of sadness and guilt), and ultimately unravels the mystery that surrounds the answer which he seeks, SIMON's bizarre behaviour, and…good oral hygiene

For more info visit nuSTUDIOS Film Production (A member of NUS Centre For the Arts) at http://www.nustudios.org/