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Hey Loopdiggaz,

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For those who are new May's 20 free loop pack is up and waiting for you on the website. June's loops will be uploaded Monday Jun 15th. We also have a new Jazzy House loop pack and loops on sale. Read on brothers and sisters.

We're still trying to decide on winners for the Vundernug contest. Hang tight! We have selected our top five and now the elimination begins. So far (not in this order) A.D. ElectroPop, Layne Eugene, HiFiLoFi Funked Mix, Allan H, and Beechkraft. Stay tuned for the final decision.

NEW RELEASE! /////////////
Apple, Wave, and Rex - Jazzy House - Pianist John Hobart and PLP team up to bring you a gigantic collection of loops for producing up beat Jazzy House. This collection provides midi files, loops, and oneshot samples. Sound folders include, long solos, keyboard cut upz, kicks, snare, percussion, hi hats, basses, pads, SFX, filtered rhythms, beat layers, and kickless grooves. The possibilities of this package are practically limitless and extremely versatile when producing just about any form of House. The main focus of Jazzy House are it's Jazzy Keys. The midi midi folder includes 3 long 8 measure solos and 34 House Basslines. There are two Jazzy solos and one Latin solo. Use the midi files with your favorite VSTi or synthesizer and have complete control over the performance. It's like having your very own soloing keyboardist at your finger tips (no pun intendeded). That's just the beginning. Use the cut up loops to put a new twist on your tunes by giving them the popular edit effect. Each drum layer adds a new dimension to the groove by providing isolated kicks, snare, snaps, claps, hi hats, percussion, kickless rhythms, and pumping layers. You'll get lost in designing your own beats for sure. There are also 83 drum oneshots to top it all off. 464 Loops and 83 Drum One Shots. Recorded in various keys at 120 BPMs. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo DOWNLOAD PRICE $29.95 USD


Apple, Wave, and Rex - Duck & Pump Electro House - These loops and samples are for Electro House, Nu Deep House, and Fidget House production. Duck & Pump Electro House focuses on the Ducking effect. We have done all the ducking for you. A four on the floor kick drum was used to trigger the compression. Simply drop the Basses and Synths over a kick drum and you'll get an instant groove.

Ducking is achieved by side chaining with a compressor. The most popular result of this effect is done by using a kick drum and a bassline. Ducking and side chaining are nothing new. This technique has been used in recordings for decades. Most of the time it is very subtle but a more exaggerated version of this effect has recently become more popular in Dance music. Benny Benassi was one of the first producers to use this effect in such a way to get that pumping off beat bass effect. Now artists like Deadmau5 and John Dahlback have brought it to another level.

Sound folders include Ducking Basses, Ducking Pads, Ducking Synths, Drums, Mixed Beats, Hi Hats, Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Crashes, Transition SFX, Uplifting SFX, Unprocessed Synths, Fidgets, Unprocessed Basses, Club FX, and Vocal Bits. This collection also includes those pristine drum sounds you hear in all of the latest charting Electro House and Deep House tunes. You get those perfect kick drums that everyone is always looking for. D&PEH also includes snappy Snares, tight Hi Hats, and Crash effects.

381 Loops and 40 Drum One Shots. Recorded in various keys at 120 BPMs. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo Acidized wav and Applelooped aif (Rex coming soon) DOWNLOAD PRICE $29.95 USD


We have Apple loops for many genres! Just use the "a" circle to select Apple-looped format.


This is what were are best know for folks. Now you can download every new and old loop PLP has to offer for one year! The PLP producer's vault is on sale for $349(was $499)
Gain access to the PLP vault for one year!

Download every file for $349 USD. This subscription will also allow you access to our future releases for 1 year as well. That's over 10,000 loops and samples - 60 GB of sound. How does it work? After your payment has been verified you will receive your own user and password to access our file server at Tradebit. You can then access your vault 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

That's all for now. Happy music making!

[email from Peace Love Productions]


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