PLP uploads 20 Free SFX Loops For Dance Music

Peace Love Productions (leading producer of loops) has 20 free loops uploaded for the month of May. This month it's 120 BMP Dance Music Sound Effects. These are not found on any our the PLP loop packages (yet). Enjoy!

They are drawing attention to their Latest Release: Glitch FM - "The focus of this collection is FM synthesis and Glitched out rhythms. Many sound sources were used to achieve an extreme Glitch effect. PLP uses FM Synthesis, FFT synthesis, additive/subtractive synthesis, and home brewed DSP routines to produce this collection of loops and samples. There are 400 loops & 60 drum one shots. Sound folders included Ambient Beds, Drones, Glitch Beats, Lo Fi Glitch Beats, Basses, and Master Blasters. Producers can use this collection alone to create something new or simply add instant Glitch to their existing sound. Inspired by the Warp Records sound. Good for Glitch Hop, Ambient, Experimental, Minimal, and Microsound. All loops recorded at 100 BPM. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo. Download five free loops from Glitch FM!"


I've bought loop packs from PLP and I'm very happy with their quality and variety.