EML alumni Cosmic Armchair reviewed in TODAY newspaper


A Different View | Cosmic Armchair
- review by Christopher Toh, TODAY, Singapore

I have to admit that I’m not a stupendously rabid fan of dance/trance music — I like my break beats, Above & Beyond, Massive Attack, some lounge, and … well, little else, actually. However, Singaporean artiste Cosmic Armchair’s album has left me reconsidering my position.
For one thing, it reminds me of Robert Miles’ work in the late 1990s. You know, stuff like One & One — so call me nostalgic for them good ol’ days, but so what? I know some don’t consider dance music as “music” but quibble on someone else’s parade. Gem tracks: Frontier, Here and After, and Grey.


For more info and to hear the songs, visit http://www.cosmicarmchair.com